Nayatel to Launch its Broadband Services to Faisalabad

nayatel-logoAfter winning dominating market share in Islamabad and Rawalpindi, Nayatel has decided to expand its FTTH broadband services to Faisalabad and Pehsawar, we have checked with company officials.

Best known for its customer support and parallel broadband services, all thanks to its end-to-end fiber network with support for tens of Mbps speeds, Nayatel is considered as top choice for broadband services in twin cities of Islamabad and Rawalpindi.

According to a company official, Nayatel has more than 25,000 corporate and home users in both the cities.

After covering Islamabad and major parts of Rawalpindi, company is now looking at expanding its services to Faisalabad, where the network roll out has begun already.

Wahaj-us-Siraj, CEO Nayatel, confirmed ProPakistani that Nayatel’s broadband services will be launched in Faisalabad by April 2016, while surveys for Peshawar are on the way and network roll out in Capital of KPK will start by year end.

FTTH is considered the ultimate broadband technology due to low latency and optimum throughput rates

Nayatel plans to replicate all of its service offerings in Faisalabad, including FTTH, telephony, cable TV, HD TV, video on demand and eCollaboration services.

Nayatel said that its roll-out in Faisalabad will be in phases with high ROI areas to be deployed before others — like it did in Islamabad and Rawalpindi — and hence commercial and dense residential areas are likely to get FTTH broadband soon after the launch. Company said that it is aiming to reach whole of Faisalabad but in phases and with time.

Despite various broadband technologies available in Pakistan, FTTH is considered the ultimate broadband technology due to low latency and optimum throughput rates. FTTH operators — in Pakistan and abroad — have succeeded in offering best broadband experience to users.

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