Chickenpox claims five lives in Faisalabad

FAISALABAD: Five people have died of chickenpox complications at the Allied Hospital during the last three weeks.

According to information, six children are being treated at the hospital and there are reports of many cases in other hospitals of Faisalabad.

Last year, 25 patients had been admitted to the Allied Hospital and one patient died of chickenpox in August.

Official figures say that from Jan 1 to March 19, the Allied Hospital had received 17 patients. Six patients died of the disease this year, one left the hospital against the medical advice, four were discharged and six are still admitted.


Masoodul Hassan, 44, of Chak 382-GB, Jalalpur, Toba Tek Singh, passed away on March 1 after suffering from chickenpox acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS), Sarfraz, 26, of Irshadwala, Chiniot, died on March 7, Ajmal, 26, of Doha Kotli Baqir Shah (TTS) on March 11, Sajid, 29, of Chak 109-GB, Jaranwala, on March 13, and Shaukat Ali, 45, of Chak 168-RB, Nankana, on March 18.

Prior to that Farzana Khalid, 25, of Bhakkar was brought to the hospital on Feb 3 and died on Feb 15.

Dr Kashif Ali, a doctor who is running his private clinic, said scores of children were suffering from this disease and the parents were avoiding to visit the state-run hospitals because of rush. He said the number of patients was in hundreds.

A doctor at the Allied Hospital confirmed that the number of chickenpox patients was increasing and two to three patients are visiting the health facility daily. He said the district government must create awareness among the masses to avoid outbreak of the infectious disease.

Deputy Commissioner Salman Ghani did not respond to a message to seek his version.

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